Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary May 2018

Wednesday 16th For the Wednesday evening House group for the love and support they give
to each other
Thursday 17th For those struggling with mental health issues.
Friday 18th For the work Ruth Pugh does in India teaching children Music and opening up
their horizons to the world of music
Saturday 19th For all who attend the Royal Wedding that it will be a happy and joyful event
for tourists and guests
Sunday 20th For the hope that Pentecost brings and for Peter Hills as he leads our
services. Also Dave at Weybridge
Monday 21st For those who are worried about family members and family situations
Tuesday 22nd For the ladies of the Bisley Ladies Choir
Wednesday 23rd For the AV team as they prepare for Sunday’s service
Thursday 24th For the spring flowers and blossom that shows summer is on the way.
Friday 25th For those struggling with the loss of a loved one
Saturday 26th For the monthly coffee morning, and plant sale, that it will be the usual
Sunday 27th For Rosemary Lee as she leads our services.
Monday 28th For those supporting family members with dementia
Tuesday 29th May For the KMC Broadway group as they meet to talk about the way forward for
our church
Wednesday 30th May For those who are persecuted for their faith
Thursday 31st May For the work of the Mission societies we support as a church