Church Services



Services are held each Sunday morning at 10am and include facilities for young children. 

Our service of Holy Communion is generally held on the second Sunday of each month. 

The next few services are as follows:

  • Sunday 5th March: 10am Morning Worship with Phillip Beastall
  • Sunday 12th March: 10am Holy Communion with Allan Taylor
  • Sunday 19th March: 10am Morning Worship with Claire Hargraves
  • Sunday 2nd April: 10am Palm Sunday with Sam Funnell
  • Friday 7th April: 10.30am Good Friday Service at Holy Trinity (Anglican church) preceded with a Walk of Witness starting at St Hugh of Lincolc (Catholic church) at 9.45am
  • Sunday 9th April: 10am Easter Sunday Holy Communion with Peter Hills
  • Sunday 16th April: 10am Morning Worship with Holly Wadsworth
  • Sunday 23rd April: Morning Worship with Claire Hargraves
  • Sunday 30th April: 10am Morning Worship witrh Paul Glass
  • Sunday 7th May: 10.30am Joint Service at Trinity Methodist Church, Woking
  • Sunday 14th May: 10am Holy Communion with Claire Hargraves
  • Sunday 21st May: 10am Morning Worship with Janet England
  • Sunday 21st May: 10am Morning Worship (Pentecost) with Elizabeth Gurd

For those unable to join gathered worship we will post YouTube videos on most weeks: 

Videos have been suspended as our Minister Dave Faulkner is on sabbatical from 5th March to 18th June inclusive.

Sunday 19th February

This week we use the old Alison Moyet song 'Weak in the Presence of Beauty' as inspiration for studying what the Transfiguration means to us, as recorded in Matthew 17: 1-9. Here's the link 

Sunday 11th February

Last week's video ended with Jesus calling us to be better than the Pharisees and tax collectors. In this week's we hear some of the ways in which he calls us to do exactly that, so I've entitled it 'How To Be Better Than The Pharisees'. It's based on Matthew 5: 21-37. It will appear here.

Sunday 5th February

This week's video is entitled 'We Are Being Watched' - no, it's not about UFOs. It is based on Matthew 5: 13-20 and is here.

Sunday 29th January

The video for Sunday 29th January is here.This Sunday we'll be looking at Matthew 5: 1-12, and not simply at the Beatitudes, but at the whole purpose of the Sermon on the Mount. 

Sunday 22nd January

The video for Sunday 22nd January is here.This week's video is entitled 'Demi Lovato and the Community of Light'. It's based on Matthew 4: 12-23. Who is Demi Lovato? Ask your grandchildren! 

Sunday 15th January

The video for Sunday 15th January is here. This week we begin to look at the early public ministry of Jesus and for one week only leave Matthew's Gospel for John. Our passage is John 1:29-42 and the theme is 'Discipleship and the New Creation'

Sunday 8th January

The video for Sunday 8th January is here. It's is based on Matthew 3: 13-17, looking at the baptism of Jesus and how it is an early sign of the ways in which he will turn the world upside-down as he brings salvation.

Sunday 1st January

A very Happy New Year to you all!

On Sunday it is the Covenant Service at Byfleet Methodist Church and this week's video reflects that theme. The video is here. It's is based on Romans 12: 1-2.

Our service is warm and cordial. We include traditional and contemporary hymns and songs, led by our Worship Group, when available.  Children and young people are welcome at all our services and we have a newly created area at the back of the church for children. The area has been fitted out with toys/books/crayons/cushions to make it cosy and welcoming.