Church Services



Services are held each Sunday morning at 10am and include facilities for young children. 

Our service of Holy Communion is generally held on the second Sunday of each month. 

Gathered worship at our church has now resumed and with the relaxation of COVID restrictions, no pre-booking is necessary - just turn up here on a Sunday morning at 10am! 

Wearing a face mask is optional, although in consideration of others, we would ask that you wear a face covering at any “pinch-points” such as doorways. We have hand sanitiser available for your use and you can now sing with, or without, a mask as you prefer.

Some seating is available for those who prefer to remain socially distanced – please speak to the door Steward on arrival.

The next few services are as follows:

  • Sunday 29th January: 10am Morning Worship with Holly Wadsworth
  • Sunday 5th February: No service at KMC; join the service at Woking Trinity
  • Sunday 12th February: 10am Holy Communion with Dave Faulkner
  • Sunday 19th February: 10am Morning Worship with Dave Faulkner
  • Sunday 26th February: 10am Morning Worship with Sydney Samuel Lake

For those unable to join gathered worship we will post YouTube videos on most weeks: 

(Videos will be accesible at 8am on the day noted below)

Sunday 29th January

The video for Sunday 29th January is here.This Sunday we'll be looking at Matthew 5: 1-12, and not simply at the Beatitudes, but at the whole purpose of the Sermon on the Mount.  

Sunday 22nd January

The video for Sunday 22nd January is here.This week's video is entitled 'Demi Lovato and the Community of Light'. It's based on Matthew 4: 12-23. Who is Demi Lovato? Ask your grandchildren! 

Sunday 15th January

The video for Sunday 15th January is here. This week we begin to look at the early public ministry of Jesus and for one week only leave Matthew's Gospel for John. Our passage is John 1:29-42 and the theme is 'Discipleship and the New Creation'

Sunday 8th January

The video for Sunday 8th January is here. It's is based on Matthew 3: 13-17, looking at the baptism of Jesus and how it is an early sign of the ways in which he will turn the world upside-down as he brings salvation.

Sunday 1st January

A very Happy New Year to you all!

On Sunday it is the Covenant Service at Byfleet Methodist Church and this week's video reflects that theme. The video is here. It's is based on Romans 12: 1-2.

Christmas Day

The video for Christmas Day is here. There is no sermon this week as I'm always asked for short services on Christmas Day, but below are the words of the meditation I read in the video.

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not understood it.

Not comprehended,

not grasped the full meaning

of the light of God brought close in his Son.

The light shines on and the darkness struggles to know it,

the darkness in me,

the darkness in you.

The light hounds us,

chases us with its concern and laughter,

nudges us like an interested puppy,

butts up against us in the quiet,

jostles us in a crowd.

The light shines on,

though darkness makes itself known.

The noise of darkness,

the threat of darkness,

the posturing presence of gloom.

But that still small voice,

that thin sight of silence,

that often invisible presence,

goes on.

God in the gaps.

The light shines on.

Whether the present season is a sad one or a joyful one for you, may you all know at this time that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us.

Sunday 18th December

The video for Sunday 18th December is here. It's the Fourth (and final) Sunday of Advent this weekend, when we think about The Annunciation. But this year is one when we think about Joseph, rather than Mary. So this week I'm reflecting on the ways in which Joseph's support of Mary is a model for the ways in which we follow Jesus. Based on Matthew 1: 18-25. 

Sunday 11th December

The video for Sunday 11th December is here. For the Third Sunday in Advent we are looking at the 'Marmite Minister'. Based on Matthew 11: 1-19. 

Sunday 4th December

The video for Sunday 4th December is here. For the Second Sunday in Advent we are asking the question, Who are you? Who are you really before God? It's based on Matthew 3: 1-12. 

Sunday 27th November

The video for Sunday 27th November is here. This Sunday is Advent Sunday. On the first Sunday in Advent we traditionally think about the Christian hope of Christ's return, and my sermon is entitled 'The Ordinary Second Coming'. It's based on Matthew 24:36-44. 

Thursday 24th November

In addition to my usual Sunday videos, an additional one will appear at today here. A student who watches my videos sent me some questions about the Christian faith, and I have attempted to answer them. As a result, I am inviting other people to send in questions they would like answered on the videos. Please note I shall only be able to record such videos from time to time, and if I get a lot of questions (which would be nice!) I may have to select which ones I answer for the sake of time. 

Sunday 20th November

The video for Sunday 20th September is here. This weekend we come to the Last Sunday Before Advent, the Feast of Christ the King. The video is entitled 'It's The King, Jim, But Not As We Know It.',  based on Luke 23: 33-43.

Sunday 13th November

The video for Remembrance Sunday is here. It is entitled 'Remembrance: Realism and Hope' and is based on Luke 21: 5-19. 

Sunday 6th November

The video for Sunday 6th November is here. This week's message is based on Luke 20: 27-38.

Our service is warm and cordial. We include traditional and contemporary hymns and songs, led by our Worship Group, when available.  Children and young people are welcome at all our services and we have a newly created area at the back of the church for children. The area has been fitted out with toys/books/crayons/cushions to make it cosy and welcoming.